Backpackers, if you have to choose and prepare your backpack to go on a trip, read this page!If you are a globetrotter looking for the best backpack, here are my tips for selecting it and making it your ideal traveling companion. The cheap drawstring bags will be at its top.

Traveling Options at Its Best

If you are traveling with a hiking bag on your back, for a short getaway or a trip around the world, here are all the tips for adopting your travel backpack, adjusting it, checking it and optimizing its filling.

Advice and recommended articles to make your backpack life easier, organize your business better and travel like a pro with the wonderful cheap drawstring bags!

How To Choose It, Complete It And Adjust It?

Travelers, backpackers, hikers, backpackers, here are some useful tips to prepare your backpacking trip from A to Z.

The criteria for selecting a travel backpack

Do not choose a backpack lightly. Here is the list of criteria to observe and test before you decide.

How to choose travel backpack

Do not borrow the neighbor’s to save money if you are going on a long trip with a bag on your back!Choose your bag according to the size of your back.Take a precise dimension, adapted to your morphology and which has a serious adjustment system, you will adjust it much more easily!Take a bag suitable for your body type and your muscles if you are a woman. Simply because the bag is more suited to your build, your hips and thus offers more comfort. The use of the cheap drawstring bags comes essential there.

Of adequate capacity

Provide a bag of 50 to 80 L if you leave more than 15 days.Some models have an expandable size like “+ 10L”, the settings allow you to choose the configuration of your bag to increase its capacity.

With good fasteners

Make sure your bag contains tie straps at the hips and chest but also load reminder straps to stick the finer cheap drawstring bags as close to the shoulders.

Comfortable and adjustable

  • With padded, padded shoulder straps and belt
  • With a good ventilation system if you sweat or travel to a warm country

With a structure that is not too rigid

  • To make your bag comfortable, learn to adjust it correctly (straps, charge reminders, lap belt, etc.).

Here is a page that explains how to adjust a backpack. Your backpack should weigh mainly on the hips, not pull you backwards or hurt your shoulders. You must adjust all the adjustment points: shoulder strap height, chest strap, hip strap and load reminder straps.

With front opening

Trekking backpacks often have a sheath opening from the top. For a trip, favor a front opening, which will give you access to your belongings without having to empty the bag to reach the items stored at the bottom.

With compartments

  • With one or two small accessible pockets (on the belt and with good closure)
  • With “hiding” pockets that allow you to hide important documents

With a lower and upper compartment to distribute the weight well and store your belongings according to the accessibility of the compartments. The cheap drawstring bags without compartments require you to take out everything in the bag to access the bottom elements avoid!