Backpacks play a vital role in trips and tours. Back packs are also called as rucksack, knapsack and packsack. It will be the best load bearing tool for travelers. Backpacks are also used by students and it also satisfies the official needs. Backpacks are also said to be a basic need for humans. This unique carrier which carries all essential things of a traveler is of different sizes and dimensions. All such sizes are designed specifically to satisfy the basic needs of different types of travelers. The size of the back pack starts from 25 liters which is the most basic size and it extends till 85 liters. 85 liter back packs are the big backpacks which looks very large. It is made up of various compartments and little pockets which makes the travelers to dump in all their essentials easily. But all cannot use these large sized backpacks as it has the well known negative consequence which states it may not be travel friendly. But there are certain people who prefer only this type of bag. Let’s see why people choose this bag and also we shall discuss their valuable reasons.

Big backpacks for military men

A person who works under a nation’s army is generally called military man. All these military men move from one place to another within their country’s border or to the places where security is essential. Their army will be providing them all the safety equipments and also weapons which they must carry all along with them. Wherever they move all the issued equipments must be in their bags. Apart from these equipments they will also be in need of their own basic things such as dresses, uniforms and so on. So, these big backpacks will be the best choice for them as they purposely need it to carry all their essentials in a single bag.

Long hiking trips

People who plan for long trips will specifically choose this type of bag because it will be the best companion for such long trippers. If a person plans his trip for more than a week, then he can simply hope for big backpacks. They can pack all their things in single bag which will be more comfortable. Laundry plays a important role for such long trippers and so using big sized backpacks will also support the travelers to avoid laundry process as they can keep a dress for a day in there compactable big sized bag.

Big backpack for an adventurer

Person who has deep love towards adventure will travel continuously till he gets tired. For such people these big sized backpacks will be an effective choice. They can enjoy their adventure trip simply by carrying big sized backpacks along with them. Wherever they move, their bag will be the best companion as it provokes a hassle – free journey.

Not only for the above mentioned categories, big backpacks are friendly and efficient enough for those who plan for long trips. As the present and the upcoming backpacks are very trendy and attractive it gathers the interest of many. Though big backpacks have certain negative phenomenon, it will be the best friend satisfying all needs of a traveler.