Treat your prospects at trade shows with fabric bags with personalized drawstrings filled with goodies ! The drawstring pouch is both an excellent practical and design advertising object, but it is also very useful for communicating about your brand.

Indeed, it is simple to communicate through your drawstring backpack thanks to the printing of your logo which will be affixed on your advertising bag and visible to all participants of your events! In addition, your fabric bag with drawstring is eco-friendly thanks to its 100% cotton material , it also allows you to convey the image of an environmentally conscious company, a good point in the eyes of your prospects! The waterproof drawstring pouch is the best choice there.

The drawstring backpack communicates about your brand

In addition, the drawstring pouch is very practical to collect all your goodies in order to offer them to your customers! The drawstring backpack has the space necessary to contain personalized pocket mirrors , badges , personalized USB keys , sunglasses or any other advertising object. You will also have the choice between 3 sizes of fabric bags with drawstring (10 x 14 cm / 15 x 20 cm / 25 x 30 cm) in order to choose the one that best meets your expectations and needs. The goodies bag will arouse curiosity among your prospects who will discover, one by one, the promotional items and brochures that you have taken care to put in their drawstring bag.Fabric bag with personalized drawstring for goodies

The fabric bag with drawstring is a simple but effective way to promote your brand but also to please your prospects with useful and fun advertising items that will accompany them throughout the duration of your trade show!

The number of pockets and the ease of access should be taken into consideration:

the main pocket is sometimes divided into two compartments with a removable wall. In this case, a zip at the bottom of the backpack gives access to the lower compartment. Some bags have, in addition to the opening on the top, access by a zip on the front of the bag, very practical for accessing your belongings during the day.

Side pockets (practical for water bottles) or ventral (for the menu or snacks) with zip or mesh pockets.

Pockets on the flap: they can be inside the flap (to house your papers for example) or outside for easy access during the day. Some open on the front with a zip with a tongue to be accessible without having to put the backpack on.

Pockets on the belt.

The description of our backpacks gives you a good appreciation of these facilities.

Specific accessories and functionalities:

  • External hooks (straps, buckles, clips) to easily carry accessories (tents, mattresses, poles, ice axes, crampons, carabiners, skis)
  • Internal compartment for water bag with opening for pipette
  • Tightening straps to make the backpack more compact

Some drawstring pouch are fitted with waterproof covers. It is handy in case of rain and if your bag “sleeps” outside. But beware, these covers do not prevent water from seeping between the bag and the back in the event of lasting rain. It is therefore very useful to have a rain cape which covers the hiker and the bag.

We systematically specify in our product sheets all the features available.

The weight

This will be an important criterion if you are looking to travel as light as possible. The drawstring pouch backpack will indeed be one of the heaviest elements of your package. Please note, however, that an efficient carrying system can explain and justify a few hundred grams more.