A backpack is chosen with care and it is generally necessary to invest more than 200 € for a bag of more than 60 liters for a quality that holds up to the road, supports heavy loads while remaining comfortable, resists bad weather and especially the duration ! Do not be too tight because a good bag can make walking very pleasant. An unsuitable bag can really spoil the journey. It is an expense that you will not regret because it is your number 1 companion on the road and it will become your best friend. With the cotton drawstring bags you can have the best time.


With side and upper straps allowing both to compress the bag but also to slip jacket, sleeping bag or other when the bag is heavily loaded.


Pay attention to the weight of the empty backpack! The most comfortable and largest bags are the heaviest. With the cotton drawstring perfect bags you can have the smartest options now.

Which backpack model to choose?

If you have to buy one now, want to buy a safe bet and don’t have time to go to a store to try it out, you can buy the following models with your eyes closed.The price is justified because it is perfectly solid and equipped and especially this cotton drawstring perfect bags will probably last a lifetime!

If you are going away for a long time and you intend to carry a heavy load in the long term, opt instead for a high-end bag because if it gets loose on the road, it can really ruin the journey, we have experienced it and a loose strap is anxiety. The cotton drawstring bags are the best options there.

Compartmentalize in sub-bags

The rule of thumb is to gather your business by theme in sub-bags: Choose very thin and water-resistant bags to protect them from moisture entering the bag. In my opinion, the essential equipment for any good backpack is its compartments!

  • For fragile and water-sensitive equipment, bring a waterproof bag , essential!
  • Here is an idea of ​​the number of “under bags” that you can plan:
  • Important documents and papers pocket (the best is to have a secret pocket on you)
  • Bag of clothes and underwear
  • Technical textile bag (sport, hiking, cold …)
  • Bag of hiking accessories (headlamp, Swiss knife …)
  • Bag for shoes

Bag for toilet / pharmacy

  • Multimedia pocket (devices, chargers, memory cards) There are special pockets for accessories
  • For tiny objects like memory cards do not hesitate to use wallets or other small containers that weigh nothing and avoid loss
  • You must therefore have a minimum of main bags in your backpack. You don’t have to have 50, personally we use ten.

Traveling light: A priority!

Before you even think about packing your bag, define your travel “philosophy”! Because of this will depend on the weight of the bag and therefore your modes of travel. The lighter your bag, the more you will feel free to move when you are on the road, free to go on an unexpected trek without being held back by checked baggage. Sort between the essential and the superficial, learn to live with fewer futile objects. And avoid taking too many things “just in case” if you can find them there. The cottonmade drawstring bagsare perfect in this case.

Compartmentalize your backpack

  • Compartmentalize a backpack
  • Have only one main bag

It is essential to have the possibility of having only one bag to carry, of course provide a smaller hand luggage but it should be easily stored in your main backpack. The reasons are obvious: it’s less bulky and easier to monitor. So you can go for the cotton drawstring bags now.