A backpack is as personal an accessory as a pair of shoes or trekking pants. Basic rule for choosing your backpack: it must suit YOU, adapt to your morphology, your habits and your desires. It then remains to find the right settings that will allow you to wear light! The black drawstring bag is there for that.

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Placed on the top of the suspenders, the load reminder straps will allow you to modify the distance between your bag and your back. By playing on it regularly, they will relieve your shoulders or lower back by shifting the center of gravity of your black drawstring wonderful looking bag.

The chest strap relieves your back, especially since your bag is heavy. It will be appreciated especially in descent where you have to be one with your bag. Equipping the vast majority of daypacks, the compression straps allow the load to be compacted to make it more uniform. Note that many manufacturers opt for their small volume bags, for fast frontal compression systems consisting of an elastic cord with self-locking tightening. The gesture is ultimately only simpler, and compression generally more effective and better distributed. This is where the black drawstring bagcomes.


Typically, the two main factors to assess well, for the comfort of carrying a bag are the length of the back and that of the suspenders. We can tie knots in our brains and make marketing distinctions to infinity between bags for women, men, teenagers, salon geek and velociraptor, but in practical terms it is above all a question of size. The bigger you are, the longer the back of the bag … what a scoop! In fact, it is the distance between the top of your iliac crests and the tip of your collarbones that matters. Some bags are adjustable. Others exist in several sizes. To be chosen or settled as appropriate. There comes the black drawstring bag for the same.


To be able to be properly adjusted, a bag must be adapted to the morphology of the wearer. A well adjusted and well adjustable bag will either be able to rest 90% on the hips through the belt, or be stuck very intimately to the wearer to become one with it, avoid “tossing” and unbalancing it in the passages more techniques. In this case, it will rest almost uniformly all over the body, 50% on the hips, 50% on the shoulders, being tightly glued to the back. The black drawstring perfect bag comes perfect there.


The foam back: quite comfortable and light, this system is generally reserved for small volume bags since it shows great flexibility, but proves to be almost ineffective in terms of ventilation at the back. – The foam back and frame: the foam provides comfort while the frame stiffens the bag, which keeps it at a certain distance from the back. The air circulation corridors thus created are more or less wide and allow excellent ventilation, necessary in trekking. With the neat and fine black drawstring bagyou can be sure about the same.

The hanging mesh back: always mounted on a frame, it is certainly the solution offering the highest level of ventilation. Comfort is also appreciable.

Thermo-molded back: a back plate with grooves and perforations ensures the evacuation of perspiration