Normal sized backpacks will not be good enough for all circumstances. Depending upon the place where travelers move decides the size of a backpack. Backpacks of many brands are made up of great quality, but it may suit only for daily use. For moving towards faraway places, travelers search for strong, rigid high quality backpacks. There are enormous heavy duty backpacks options found in market and so a deep survey can be made on such uncountable varieties. This may be really helpful to opt for a best backpack and it also helps the people to carry heavy duty luggage. Here are some of the important heavy duty backpack models which are said to be popular one in the market. Let’s discuss all such compactable models one by one.

Direct action dragon egg backpacks

It is this company direct action which has introduced a backpack model named dragon egg. It is one of the highly sold backpacks in market. It is been specially designed for the military men and it can be also used by long trip planners. Though having the heavy duty characteristic this bag is designed to be a light weight one. Solid color selection is its other advantage and this makes it to be a great choice for all outdoor enthusiasts. Taking about ratings, this particular model stands first in market as it has 4.50 rating out of 5. It is also found to be at an affordable cost and all people can buy it at their minimum budget.

Tactical rush heavy duty backpacks

Another best choice for the heavy duty backpack lovers will be this tactical rush. One and only heavy duty backpacks having equal ratings in market when compared with direct action dragon egg backpacks is this tactical rush backpacks. When talking about public reviews, this type is said to be the best reviewed backpacks under heavy duty category. It is somewhat cheaper than dragon egg but the quality will not be cheaper. It is strongly equal to dragon egg and it will be the best choice for heavy duty backpack searchers.

The badlands 2200

Apart from the above said two types, another best competitor in market will be this badlands 2200. It has its own characteristics such as rigidity, high quality straps, increased number of compartments etc. The quality of this heavy duty backpacks will be truly equal to the dragon egg and tactical rush. The one and only drawback which this backpack carries is that its price. It is costlier than both the above said backpacks. It is reason for which this backpack ranks 3rd in place.

Other than these three best heavy duty supporters there are also uncountable brands in market which satisfies the interest of the buyers. Some of such heavy duty backpacks are listed below

  • 3V Gear Velox
  • Vanguard Pioneer
  • Red Rock Assault
  • Exos Bravo
  • Direct action Dust
  • Eberlestock X1
  • Slumberjack Rail Hauler

Apart from all such varieties best decision making is essential to choose the utmost comfortable one. Preference made depends upon the user’s interest but if the best is picked out it will give way for a happy journey.