A backpack is also known as knapsack, rucksack, book bag or back sack and it is a simple bag which is carried on one’s back. It is being secured with two straps which they can hang on the shoulders and it can have an external frame and internal frame.  The main and the most used kind of backpack is one shoulder backpack  which is commonly being used by the hikers and the students as it is more useful for carrying any sort of equipments. As it can occupy only limited capacity with heavy weights, it is easy to carry for long period of time in the hands.

The Best one shoulder backpacks:

In these days, everyone is using the one shoulder backpacks as it is so useful for travelling and for the students who are going to tutoring classes.  Now it is called as the trendiest way for travelers and also for the college students.  The best one shoulder backpacks are listed below:

  • HBAG
  • Outdoor Master backpack
  • Leaper cross body backpack
  • DDDH large cross body backpack

HBAG – Even the lot of companies are dealing with the backpacks, this company provides the good looking one shoulder backpack with the innovative designs and comfort factors. This light weight one shoulder backpack comes with the water resistant material and unique shape to give ease to the users.

Features of HBAG:

  • It has enough space to accommodate books, sports equipment and other travel materials.
  • It is easy to carry things because the single strap makes it stronger and looks trendier.
  • This bag also has provisions for water bottles and additional zippered for wallets, earphone ports and other things.

Outdoor master backpack – It is a classy bag with the interesting colors and the high quality material keeps it last for long time. You can utilize it for your trip or hiking and this bag gives you pleasant feel carrying it.


  • This cross body backpack is more spacious enough to carry anything for travelling point or for sports activity.
  • This outdoor master backpack’s USP is more comfortable because of its foldable style.
  • This is a unisex nag and also has an anti-theft pocket. It is placed for storing the passports, wallets, jewelry or other valuable things.

Leaper cross body backpack – this is an uncomplicated one shoulder backpack which is so simple to carry and can embark the travel trips. This bag is made of PU leather which gives the softness to the shoulders.


  • This backpack can be carried by two ways: either by hand handle or on the one shoulder.
  • This backpack can hold laptop, books, and dresses for quick travel.

DDDH large cross body backpack – this backpack is more durable because of its material but also cost effective.  This is so spacious and convenient for the travelers and is comfortable to carry on the shoulder, back and spine. This is made of nylon material and is water resistant.