The subject is hot in this period of recovery! It is time to equip the family and especially our young teenager who returns to college. Your offspring will certainly ask you for the backpack that makes “so cool” in the playground, while your common sense will push you towards this satchel so practical and so suitable for his back. The use of the kids backpacks happens to be important there.

The match is open!

It’s a question of combining fashion arguments and comfort arguments. Here are some tips to make everyone agree:


Your children, full of energy, will not spare their backpacks any more than their pants, so it’s best to equip yourself with a strong one! The Abeona backpack , for example, has been tested in the laboratory. With the kids backpacks this happens to be essential now.


The straps must be adjustable in order to place the bag on the back of your child and reassemble it on his shoulders. For acrobatics it’s more practical!


The weight of the loaded bag must not exceed 10% of your child’s weight. So choose a bag that, when empty, is light. The Newfeel Vewai bag, for example, only weighs 580g when empty.


Help your child get organized: what do you really need today in your backpack? The English dictionary may not be useful for the math lesson though but this is another debate. With the kids wonderful looking backpacks you can now go for the best deals.


The backpacks which have several compartments allow, and even impose, a better distribution of the business that your teenager will carry. A place for the dictionary finally?


Assuming that the backpack is not armor, it should not be wider than the width of your child’s back.


Be vigilant on the 5 previous points and let him choose the colors and patterns to guarantee a tie! To choose a backpack that is well suited to your child, it is preferable that your child accompany you. For the kids backpacks this is important.

Here’s what to check:

The bag should not be wider than your child’s back. It must also come just at the top of its buttocks and not exceed its shoulders.

  • For added comfort, the straps should be adjustable, padded over the shoulders and be 5 cm wide. You should also choose a backpack with a belt that attaches to the waist to better distribute the weight. A bag with a padded back also offers more comfort.
  • Backpacks with pockets and pockets on the front and sides are preferred, as they also help distribute the weight.
  • It is better to opt for a bag made of a light, washable, resistant and waterproof fabric like canvas. Better to avoid cotton, jeans or leather.

How to wear a backpack?

When your child carries his bag on his back, tighten the straps of the suspenders so that the bag reaches just above his buttocks. Also make sure that his bag is not too heavy. Your child should be able to sit up straight and walk naturally, with their hands free on each side of the body. If he has to hold his suspenders with his hands and if he leans forward, it is a sign that his bag is too heavy.