If you are decided to go for a hiking, then immediately backpack is the only thing that strikes in your mind. Hiking backpack is very useful for carrying food, water, clothes and some essential things easily. There are varieties of hiking backpacks available with different sizes, design and capacity used so you might be confused for choosing the right one. Here are some tips and simple guidance for buying the best backpacks.

While choosing the hiking backpack you have to consider these things;

  • Type of backpacks.
  • Material.
  • Capacity.
  • Fit.
  • Features.

Type of backpacks: Usually there are three types of hiking backpacks available they are external frame backpacks, internal frame backpacks and frameless backpacks. Frameless backpacks are very flexible because it is a light weighted and it is suitable for carrying only light weighted things. You can dump only 600 grams of weight in 40 litre capacity frameless backpacks and that too it should be in a good quality. Coming to the next, internal frame backpacks that have rigid or semi rigid construction. This type is suitable for carrying light weight to mid weight and it is not recommended for carrying too heavy things. Then the final one is external frame backpacks. This is recommended only for carrying very heavy things while hiking because of its rigid construction.

Material: In general hiking backpacks are usually made of nylon with different deniers. The higher denier backpacks will be better one because it will be more durable. The nylon with more than 210 denier will not suit for some places while hiking so you should have awareness in that. In addition to that check whether the backpack you are choosing is a waterproof.

Capacity: Selecting capacity while buying the backpacks is based on your supplies that you need to carry for a day.  Don’t get too smaller because in case if you need to carry more things than you have planned then you can’t carry one or more bags. So better choose the backpacks little larger and also comfortable for carrying.

Fit: The backpacks should fit you accurately for doing a better performance. If the backpacks are not comfortable then there may be a chance for slow down your performance.

Benefits of using hiking backpacks:

There are many Benefits of hiking backpack and they are,

  • You can enjoy stress free hiking experience when you use hiking backpacks.
  • There will be a plenty of space for packing.
  • The belongings you are carrying will be more secure.
  • You can access your things easily from your backpacks.
  • The durability will be very good.
  • You can use the hiking backpacks for various adventures.
  • Hiking backpacks is good for weather proof.
  • You will be looking more stylish while using for hiking.

Best backpacks available for hiking:

  • Osprey aether/ Ariel
  • Osprey exos 58.
  • Deuter speed lite 20.
  • Active roots foldable daypack.
  • Berghaus freeflow 35.
  • Nomatic travel back packs.

These are some of the best hiking backpacks available, all these have different size, design, fit and capacity. You can choose according to your needs.